Schlage Connect VS. Schlage Sense

Home safety is a major problem, and many people are trying to improve their safety levels in general. There are dozens of devices on the market that promise to increase your security, and one of the most popular and frequently purchased products is smart blocking.

Smart locks are innovative products that replace your traditional lock with a smarter and more reliable lock. Many manufacturers promise to create the best locks on the market.

On the positive side, Schlage is one of the most trusted manufacturers and has launched several best-selling smart locks that are highly reliable and well-built.

Schlage Connect vs Sense: Pros and Cons

In this article we will discuss, compare and evaluate the most critical aspects of both intelligent locks and we will help you to know which the ideal lock is for you.

1. Design

Modern buyers are always looking for products that improve the overall appearance of indoor and outdoor environments. If a device is not attractive, they do not see the need to buy it.

Fortunately, Schlage Connect and Schlage Sense are well known for their well-designed and attractive smart locks. Personally, I have owned these two and discussed the matter with other Schlage owners.

As a result, most are quite happy with the aspect of intelligent blocking. People even mentioned that their guests love to praise the bolt design.

2. Characteristics

What we must do next is discover the characteristics of Schlage Sense and Connect. It is important to know the characteristics of both intelligent locks to know exactly what they differ from and what they have in common.

To do so, we have created a detailed table where we have included all the main features of Schlage Connect and Schlage Sense.

Schlage Connect

  • Built-in alarm technology.
  • Touchscreen with a fingerprint reader.
  • Compatibility with smartphones.
  • Automatic locking and unlocking feature.
  • Compatible with third-party integration (including Z-Wave).
  • Activity record 24/7.
  • Self-management characteristic.
  • Potential door attack sensor.
  • Amazon Alexa Support.

Schlage Sense

  • Activity alerts.
  • Home Kit enabled.
  • Compatibility with smartphones.
  • Automatic locking and unlocking feature.
  • Friendly third-party integration.
  • Activity record 24/7.
  • Built-in alarm technology.
  • Potential door attack sensor.

Therefore, these two smart blocks have almost identical characteristics with some differences that could play an important role in choosing the correct setting. For example, if you prefer the integration of Amazon Alexa instead of having HomeKit enabled, it is better to buy Schlage Connect, as it will be more convenient and flexible.

In addition to being cheaper, it seems that more and more owners rely on Schlage Connect, as at the time of writing this article is also one of the best-selling smart padlocks on the market.

3. Performance

Performance can be considered as the crucial aspect of our comparison article, so we should definitely talk about the performance of these smart blocks. If Schlage Sense and Connect cannot meet the minimum requirements of a buyer, it is better to look for alternative products in the market.

Schlage Connect

Schlage Connect is an easy-to-use intelligent lock that is highly dependent. It never fails, works well and offers clear results. We have personally tested the lock and discussed its capabilities with other Schlage Connect owners. As noted by most, it is the best smart padlock they have ever used. When you want to unlock the smart lock, just touch the ‘Schlage’ logo and enter the four- to eight-digit access code. If the green light appears, you can enter.

The Schlage Connect battery life is excellent. As the company said and according to our personal experience, it lasts about a year. 

Schlage Sense

Schlage Sense is almost identical to the intelligent blockade of his brother, Schlage Connect. The main difference between these two is that the Sense model is enabled for HomeKit. In other words, instead of being Amazon Alexa integrable, follow Siri’s voice commands.

As for the blocking process, you can activate the ‘automatic lock’ function, tell Siri to do so or simply touch the ‘Schlage’ logo to lock the door manually. What makes the Sense model’s ‘Automatic Locking’ function different is that it allows the owner to set when (in how many seconds or minutes) Schlage should be blocked.

4. Security

In addition to everything we have discussed, it is essential to know if these locks are safe to use. We need to be sure that they offer higher levels of security compared to our traditional locks. Otherwise, there is no use when buying these brilliant gadgets.

If they cannot improve our security levels at home and are as easy to break as our traditional locks, we should not even bother paying for those devices.

Schlage Connect

ANSI / BHMA Grade 1 is the highest safety classification for the home that can have an intelligent lock. Although some might consider the Schlage Connect as an intelligent lock that lacks some key features, no one can deny the superiority of the lock with regard to security.

In addition to having a bank-grade encryption, the Connect model has an anti-pick guard and a fingerprint-resistant finish, making it impossible to calculate the code by looking at the fingerprint marks.

Schlage Sense

Schlage Sense is as safe as the Connect model. It also has the ANSI / BHMA grade rating and offers an optional booster plate for additional safety measures.

Schlage Sense has an anti-pick shield and has a fingerprint reader. If a stranger tries to violate the security of the intelligent lock, Schlage Sense will sound a hooter of 90 dB.

While these two smart locks have the highest security levels, it would have been great if they had something similar to the Kwikset Secure Screen feature. I would have made Schlage Sense and Connect out of class.

Therefore, both Schlage Sense and Connect are capable intelligent blocks that have thousands of satisfied customers, high ratings and positive reviews. We have personally tested both devices and discussed the capabilities of the locks with other Schlage owners. Choose the ideal for your door and make your home more secure with any of this smart locks.

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