Where Can I Go to Get Keys Duplicated Near Me?

Where Can I Go to Get Keys Duplicated Near Me?

Recently, you were forced to change the locks of your house and there is the need to provide a key to every person in your family, or at least to your spouse; or you have lost or broken your car keys and you need to make a copy out of your partner’s key set. Assuming you have never gone through a situation like these, you can be wondering where it is the best place to make key copies that are close to your neighbor or you work premises.

Nowadays, there is a great deal of possibilities to make key copies in several places around cities all over the country which include self-service kiosks, local stores and even big chain stores.

What Kinds of Keys Can Be Duplicated?

When we think about making key copies, the first thing that come to your mind is those that allows you access to your house; but almost every single key you have can be copied. Although some keys are harder to be duplicated, there is a high possibility to make a copy of keys that can open your car, mailbox, recreational vehicles, lockers, bike locks, and even safes.

Although you can find keys marked with a DND (Do Not Duplicate) stamp on them, it does not mean that they cannot be duplicated, but that you require a permission from the original owner of key maker or you being the proprietor of the place to duplicate any DND stamped keys.

Costs to Copy Keys

You must think that the copying of a key could be quite expensive, but it is actually quite cheap to get a duplication of any sort of key. As a matter of fact, from all home improvement tasks, copying keys is the least expensive one.

Prices vary and they are in the range of $2 and $5 to get the blank and use it to make the copy. The cost of these services is going to be established by the place and, depending on where you make the duplicate; you can also enjoy some offers if you want to make more than one copy of the original key.

The DND keys are not only complicated to get copy, they are also more expensive than the average keys’ duplication.

Nearby Places to Get Key Copies

There is always the possibility to find a place near your neighborhood where you can get your keys copied. Usually these places have been traditionally grocery and retail stores, hardware stores, and home improvement stores; although you have to ask first when you enter into any of these stores since not all of them provides the key duplication service. Now let’s take a look at the possible places and how you can make a duplication of your key in any of them.

  1. Grocery or Retail Stores

Close to your home or office, you can find a grocery or retail stores with the service offered either by a store employee or by a do-it-yourself machine. Here is a list of some of the big names in the retail stores that could provide this sort of service, even though it is limited to certain locations.

  • Walmart: There is a high chance to find a Walmart store near your location, since the chain retail store is presented in almost every single city or town all over the country. To be certain that the store close to your home or office includes the key duplication service, go and check on the chain website to find out. You need to call the store in your city or town to verify if this service is provided by a person or a DIY machine and the schedule for this sort of service
  • Rite Aid: Its first service to the public is in the Drugstore department, but in almost every single store of the 4500 locations in the United States include the duplication of keys as one of the offers in the list of services. Just check on your local store time and cost. Take into consideration that the drugstore chain makes copies of almost any kinds of keys such as car, door, garage and other sort of them.
  • Sears: Although the presence of the retail store has diminished through the years, there is a reasonable amount of locations around the country and it includes the copy of standard, car, and other kinds of keys. Reach your closest store to get more information about this service.
  1. Home Improvement Stores

As the home improvement stores are specialized in all related to fixing and upgrading of people’s home, it is not strange to find the service of cutting keys among the offer they provide to the public. Be sure to check carefully if the service is offered and the time is provided.

  • Lowe’s: With presence in the U.S. and Canada, this home improvement chain is providing customers key duplication in most of its locations. Just be certain that the store close to you has this service included by checking on the store website or just call the one close to your home or office.
  • Home Depot: Some of the big store locations include the copy of keys as part of their services, Car and standard keys are cut on this well-known store all over the country. Be sure that you verify if the Home Depot store can duplicate your keys and the schedule for this service.
  • Menard’s: With stores located in the Midwest, this home improvement store chain has included several self-service key duplication kiosks in its locations. Details for the stores with these kiosks have to be checked beforehand.
  1. Hardware stores

These are the places where it has been pretty usual to find the key cutting service, and they still provide with the same efficiency from yesteryears.

  • Ace Hardware: These hardware stores specialize in copying brass door, auto keys and more. The service offered and the time vary from store to store, so it is advisable to get in touch with the location closest to you to find out all the right information about duplication of keys.
  • True Value Hardware: With more than 4000 store located all over the country, it is easy to make a copy of any types of keys in almost every city or town in the country.

Other Places to Get Key Copies

The places to get key copies are not limited to the stores mentioned above; there are also some local places such as your local hardware store, your car dealership place, or even your local locksmith. 

And there are also the latest advances in technology applied to duplicate keys, among them we can find:

  • Key Me App

This cool app allows getting key duplications by simply scanning your key and then saving it in the app store in you smart phone. After that you can head to the closest Key Me kiosk nearby in order to get your key copy printed.

If there is no rush to get the copy, you can ask your duplication to be sent by mail; furthermore, you want a friend to keep a copy of the key for any emergency case, send the scan of it.

  • iKeyless

Specializing in the automobile keys copies, you get your duplications by entering its website and type your car identification number. After that you have to follow the site instructions to get you key copies.

  • Minute Keys

With the availability of several kiosks in different places along the country, it provides an automated copying service. Just get to the kiosk closed to your home or office; introduce the key into the machine, follow the steps indicated on the kiosk and just wait. In a really short time you will be dispensed with the desired key copy or copies. These machines offer the possibility to use designer keys for your copy; so your copy can be made after your favorite sports team or any other design of your interested offered by the device.

As you can see the possibilities of getting copies are not limited, it is up to you to select the one of your preference taking into consideration the proximity of any of the stores and devices closest to your location.

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